QCMF is a didactic and concert itinerary for chamber music ensembles, from the string and piano duo to the string quartet, lasting one year and articulated with a free 7-day workshop for 4 ensembles. The selections will take place from the 26th of May to the 2nd of June 2023 in Guarene (Cuneo). At the end of the workshop, the teachers will select the ensemble that will take part in the following season in paid concerts in Italy and Germany. The chosen ensemble will be looked after in the concert activity for the entire period by the members of the Delian::Quartett and for the entire following season. The path will end with the participation of the ensemble chosen in the Roero Cultural Events Festival in 2024.


“The artistic path of young musicians, in recent years, has become more and more difficult; while talent, perseverance and, if possible, relationships were the prerequisites for survival in the world of concerts, in recent times other formative elements have become increasingly important too. Knowledge of marketing, of how to present oneself and maintaining contacts have become vital aspects.

I am convinced of the importance of this event and I am pleased to have accepted the patronage of the Quartet and Chamber Music Forum.”

Heide Prinzessin von Hohenzollern


The participation in the selection for the workshop is open to already formed ensembles, from the string and piano duo to the string quartet*, who wish to deepen the study of the classical and contemporary repertoire. The selected groups will have to attend 5 lessons of 3 hours each with 5 internationally renowned teachers and participate in a concert in a partner location of the initiative. The lessons will focus on the technique and interpretation of the specific chamber repertoire. The repertoire that will be investigated must be prepared in advance and communicated to the organizers by the end of March.

*Ensemble composition
Duo (violin and piano/ viola and piano/ cello and piano)
Trio (violin, cello and piano/ violin, viola and cello)
Quartet (quartet with piano/string quartet)

The cost of the workshop (lessons, meals, accommodation) will be borne by Roero Cultural Events, the organizing committee. The travel costs to reach Guarene, the main location of the event, will be borne by the selected participants. Each ensemble will have to pay €100 when registering for the selection, to participate in the workshop, as a contribution to secretarial costs. Applications for participation will be considered valid only when accompanied by the receipt of payment.

The selection will be made through a video lasting approximately 30 minutes, the Curriculum Vitae and a motivational letter. The video program must include at least one classical piece (Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven) and one piece from romanticism onwards.