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Anyone who brings the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the stage with the great Roman Polanski in Paris might not expect to one day be one of the all-stars of clown history. Peter Shub of Philadelphia has made it. The lovable pain in the ass with the imaginary dog on a real-life leash is known up and down the country, and has been for almost thirty years. The sociology graduate with a penchant for the performing arts packed his suitcase and went to Paris. On stage, on the street, where he tested his first ideas on a live audience. Without the interaction with the audience, all the “Shub-idu” would only be half as funny. Peter Shub, unmistakable with his trench coat, hat and scuffed suitcase, is one of the protagonists of modern clowning. The mime won first prize at the Mime and Clown Festival in West Virginia and later ZDF decorated him with the International Artist Award. The Cannes Theater Festival honored him with the Comedy Award for his solo “Nice Night for an Evening.” Two silver medals at the renowned circus festivals in Paris and Monte Carlo have long since officially given the academic a license to annoy. His saucy little episodes often get their final punch line from fellow performers, both voluntary and involuntary, Peter Shub throws himself and them fully into the risk. His professionalism and spontaneity have made Peter Shub the star guest of many shows from RTL’s Saturday Night Comedy to Montreal’s “Just for Laughs” to the Philadelphia Opera Company. In several intervals he also enriched the programs of Circus Roncalli in the past decades. He has long used his experience as a director, working with many leading international organizations. He gives workshops all over Europe and is also successful as an actor and director.

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