Quartetto Indaco was born in 2007 at the music school of Fiesole thanks to the impulse of Piero Farulli and Andrea Nannoni. After graduation in Fiesole, the Quartetto Indaco attended to specialization courses with exponents of the major quartets of our time. They obtained a Master degree in chamber music in 2017 at the Musikhochschule in Hannover under the guide of Oliver Wille (Qurtetto Kuss). It became proficient at the Chigiana Academy with which collaborated playing concerts both in Italy and abroad. Their first album released in 2020 and was published with Ema Vinci. It was dedicated to the music of the North and titled “Northern Lights” with works of Grieg, Sallinen, Rachmaninov and Cosimo Carovani. It is a compact Ensemble full of exuberance. The Quartetto Indaco highlighted its own artistic qualities in a wide range of repertoire from classic music to contemporary music particularly a preference for the authors of the XIX and XX century. It carries out an extensive research on Italian authors and is dedicated to the diffusion of new musical languages. It was a guest of festivals and prestigious musical istitutions in Italy. It performs regularly in Germany, Swiss, Irlanda, Kuwait, Lettonia, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and Netherland. The quartet was prized with the prize of Scotese in 2017, the Borsen Club Hannover” and after winning the special prize “Jeunesses Musicales” at the International Competition “Premio Paolo Borciani” 2014, he had been among the finalists of the same competition in 2017. He won different prizes and international scholarships. In 2021 he moved forward with the editorial and record project “Dante 21” with the collaboration of the publishing house “Sconfinarte” of Milan that involved 34 Italian composers working for the cantos of Dante ‘s inferno in the Divine Comedy. The new album “Miniature” released in 2021. “They are musicians who has reached a magnificent sound and an exemplary amalgam and that they have entered, fully, in the gotha of the most important Italian Quartets”

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