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Born in Naples in 1992, Naomi showed a marked predisposition for singing from an early age. At the tender age of eleven, she made her debut at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, confirming her precocious talent. She embarked on a classical studies path, graduating with honors in opera singing. She collaborated with various opera and symphony foundations, performing successfully throughout Europe. Driven by her eclectic nature, she opened up to musical genres different from opera. In 2018, she participated in X-Factor 12, reaching the final and winning second place. She dedicated herself to dubbing, lending her voice to Jasmine in the Disney live-action film “Aladdin” (2019). She actively collaborates as a voice actress and teacher. She regularly works as a vocalist for RAI. She lends her voice to the television program “Dancing with the Stars” hosted by Milly Carlucci. She has participated in several editions of the Sanremo Italian Song Festival.

Naomi stands out as a complete artist, capable of masterfully ranging between different musical genres, captivating audiences with her powerful voice and versatility.

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