Michele Sarti was born in Florence in 1991 where he studied violin and viola. He had a deep passion for music above all for the composition and he began to write music very young. During the years of his studies at the high school he prefers to write music to orchestra. In 2012 he met Sir Peter Maxwell who was a British compositor and recently he died. He took part in his specialist courses for two years in Livorno Music Fest and then he decided to continue his composition studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He took a scholarship to obtain a Master of Music. In London he could meet and confront with compositors such as Oliver Knussen, Simon Bainbridge, Harrison Birtwistle e Bent Sorensen. In Italy he teached, studied and directed a group formed by him. He studied musicology, wrote articals and edited some volumes which: Musica e Pittura: arte , didattica e societa’ ; L’errante,cammino di un musicista: Ugalberto de Angelis (1932-1982) edited by LoGisma. In February 2018 he performed in Copenaghen and in Esbjerg Ensemble with a program dedicated to Bent Sorensen that included a mondial fame and a work for piano ensemble; Katrine Gislinge the compositor’s wife performed as a soloist. Now he is professor of violin, viola and the ensemble music in some music schools near Florence in Tuscany. In 2018 he began to collaborate as a compositor with the Conservatoire Canelli of Novara and the Trinity College of London

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