Armoniosa was born in 2012 through the initiative of the artistic team formed by Francesco e Stefano Cerrato, Marco Demaria e Daniele Ferretti. Since 2019 a new artistic and recording experience of Armonica started and it is a powerful research and study project on the Estro Armonico op.3 of Antonio Vivaldi , released for RedDress This production received enthusiastic comments from international critics with reviews from the main European press. They have an intense recording activity which began in 2015 when Armoniosa was invited to be part of the prestigious catalog of the German record company MDG with which in 2016 Armoniosa published “La Stravaganza” opera by Antonio Vivaldi and “ Le trisonate per violino, violoncello e basso continuo” of Giovanni Benedetto Platti. A new recording experience made in 2017, with the London label Rubicon Classics, which produced the sonatas for cello and figured bass, op. 3 of the cellist from Asti Carlo Graziani. The most important international press awarded these recordings with excellent reviews. Armoniosa had important encounters with world famous artists like Reinald Goebel and Trevor Piumock who are a precious baggage for the artistic’s growth of the Ensemble. He create a unique version of some masterpieces of Johan Sebastian Bach with the label RedDress.

The Italian label RedDress, distribuited by Sony Music all over the world, is owned by the same artists

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