The Festival was born in 2021 with the aim of repositioning the overall level of the cultural and tourist offer of the town of Guarene and, more generally, of the Roero area. The initiatives of Roero Cultural Events, Quartet and Chamber Music Forum – Prefestival, “The Festival” and the autumn Contemporary Music Hub represent not only an integration of the cultural offer of the area but a qualitative leap, a refreshing change in the narrative of what this land is able to offer from a cultural point of view. Concerts lasting one hour, therefore condensed in duration but with polished and artistically relevant content, leaving behind the concept of stage to allow better interaction between the public and the artists, participation of the public in all activities involving musicians such as for example, the “dinner with the artists” organized at the end of each event and, last but not least, the choice of the locations – places of unique beauty and historical significance – make the concerts of Roero Cultural Events only a part of a broader cultural experience.


“The artistic path of young musicians, in recent years, has become more and more difficult; while talent, perseverance and, if possible, relationships were the prerequisites for survival in the world of concerts, in recent times other formative elements have become increasingly important too. Knowledge of marketing, of how to present oneself and maintaining contacts have become vital aspects. I am convinced of the importance of this event and I am pleased to have accepted the patronage of the Quartet and Chamber Music Forum”

Princess Heidi von Hohenzollern


“Spirit is the essence that vivifies, rules and orders the world, in the Stoic thought. But perhaps in Kant we find the most suggestive definition, according to which the spirit is the original and creative power of thought that produces beauty in the work of art. Starting from here, the 2023 Festival, through the immateriality of the sounds, will try to explore the multiple meanings of the concept and to tell what inspires it.”

Adrian Pinzaru

Artistic Director

Contemporary Music Hub is an initiative of I’M Exchange – within the Line of Action-Implementation of initiatives for the protection and enhancement of the heritage of intangible culture – INTERVENTION 2 – PLAY LMR Music – aimed at giving voice to the contemporary musical creativity, as well as creating a space for the expression of new compositions so as to make the transition from the present to a timeless dimension, an intrinsic characteristic of a true work of art.